Midnight Assassin: A Murder in America's Heartland
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The Hossack Case

The Hossack Family

  • John Hossack
  • Margaret Hossack
  • Alexander (Alex) Hossack
  • Anna Jane (Annie) Hossack Henry
  • Donald Hossack
  • Catherine (Cassie) Hossack
  • John C. (Johnnie) Hossack
  • Margaret Lucretia (Louie) Hossack Kemp
  • Martha May Hossack Coulter
  • William (Will) D. Hossack
  • James (Jimmie) Hossack
  • Ivan Hossack
  • Shep
  • The Ghost of John Hossack


  • Frank and Eleanor Keller
  • Neil Morrison
  • William Conrad
  • William and Rinda Haines
  • George McIntosh
  • Mary Nicholson
  • Fred Johnston

    Lawyers, Judges, Witnesses, and Observers

  • William H. Berry (Defense Lawyer)
  • George Clammer (Prosecutor)
  • John Henderson (Defense Lawyer)
  • Harrison (Harry) McNeil (Prosecutor
  • James DeKalb Gamble (Judge)
  • Professor John Tilton (Expert Witness)
  • G. K. Burson (Witness)
  • William Hunter (Prison Warden)
  • Don L. Berry (Journalist)
  • The Warren County Courthouse
  • The Madison County Courthouse


  • Marriage License
  • Plat of House
  • Arrest Warrant
  • Murder Scene Illustration
  • Plat Map Showing Hossack Farm

    Anamosa Prision

  • More about Anamosa Prison

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