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Grand Jury Hears Additional Evidence and Holds Her for Murder In First Degree.

INDIANOLA, Jan. 17.--(Special)--At half past ten o'clock the grand jury made formal announcement that it had indicted Mrs. Hossack for the murder of her husband, John Hossack. She is charged with murder in the first degree.

The case is expected to be tried at as early a date as possible though it is not likely that it will be reached this month. Henderson and Berry, attorneys for the defendant, are anxious to have an early trial. Both deny that they will ask for a change of venue to Polk county or any other place and declare their confidence in being able to obtain a fair trial in this city.

The awful crime of which Mrs. Hossack stands accused is still fresh in the minds of every newspaper reader in Iowa. The head of her husband was crushed with an axe while he was asleep in bed one night a little over two months ago. His wife occupied the bed with him at the time and slept on the outside so that the murderer, if it was other than herself, must have reached over her to strike the two blows. Yet she was not awakened until the deed was accomplished and the murderer or murderers had escaped, according to her own testimony. The murdered man was wealthy and influential and had no enemy in the county so far as known though he had often quarreled with his wife over the alleged waywardness of his youngest son, her favorite.

The defendant is out on bail but will be at once surrendered by her bondsmen with the request that she be privileged to file another bond. Owing to the enormity of the alleged crime, it is likely she will have to await trial in jail. She and her husband long ago passed the median of life and were almost 60 years old when the tragedy occurred.

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