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Susan Glaspell's newspaper articles on the Hossack case

The Des Moines Daily News published more than two-dozen articles on the Margaret Hossack case from December 3, 1900 through April 19, 1901. Although none of them contain a byline, her biographers have concluded that Susan Glaspell, working as a reporter for the Daily News at the time, was the author of these articles. In order to provide easy access, we have transcribed the most significant ones. With an eye to preventing confusion, we have corrected obvious errors in proper names, and we have also sometimes corrected minor spelling and punctuation errors. Because of these slight changes, researchers may wish to consult the original articles from the Daily News, which are available on microfilm at several different locations, including the State Historical Society of Iowa in Des Moines.

During our research into the case of Margaret Hossack, we reviewed many legal documents, including the transcript of the coroner's inquest and abstracts of trial testimony, as well as numerous other newspaper accounts--and we've concluded that the articles in the Daily News contain a few factual inaccuracies and misquotes. We haven't changed the text to correct these mistakes. Aside from the minor corrections noted above, these transcriptions reproduce the articles as they were published by the newspaper.

"Prominent Farmer Robbed and Killed" December 3, 1900

"Surrounded by Mystery" December 4, 1900

"Sheriff After Mrs. Hossack" December 5, 1900

"She Prepares to Fight" December 6, 1900

"The Hossack Murder Case" December 7, 1900

"Goes to the Grand Jury" December 8, 1900

"It Is Still Unsettled" December 10, 1900

"Now Before Grand Jury" December 11, 1900

"Mrs. Hossack May Yet Be Proven Innocent" December 12, 1900

"The Hossack Case" January 12, 1901

"Mrs. Hossack May Come Here" January 14, 1901

"Indicted Her for Murder" January 17, 1901

"Surprise Is Expected" March 23, 1901

"Hossack Trial on in Earnest" April 2, 1901

"Hossack Begged Wife to Aid Him" April 3, 1901

"Experts Say It Is Human Blood" April 4, 1901

"Looks Bad for Mrs. Hossack" April 5, 1901

"Testify for Mrs. Hossack" April 6, 1901

"Arguing the Hossack Case" April 8, 1901

"Allege Haines Was Murderer" April 9, 1901

"Her Dreary Easter Day" April 9, 1901

"Mrs. Hossack's Fearful Ordeal" April 10, 1901

"Mrs. Hossack a Murderess" April 11, 1901

"Mrs. Hossack's Parting Plea" April 19, 1901

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