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The Hossack Case

Anna Jane (Annie) Hossack Henry

Annie was born on February 13, 1870; she was the second Hossack child and the oldest daughter. On June 27, 1895, she married a local farmer named Ev Henry, a widower with two children, and she moved to his farm, approximately five miles away from her parents. Annie and Ev had five children together, with the last born in 1904. Even after Annie married and left home, she maintained a close relationship with her mother, who, after an especially bad quarrel with her husband, persuaded a neighbor to take her to Annie's home late on the night of Thanksgiving, 1899.

She always believed in her mother's innocence and told her children and grandchildren that her mother had been wrongly accused.

Annie Henry lived her entire life within twenty miles of the farm on which she'd been born. She died on October 22, 1933.

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