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The Hossack Case

James (Jimmie) Hossack

Jimmie was born on September 20, 1884, and he was living at home when his father was killed. On the night of the murder, he was sleeping downstairs with his brother, Ivan, in the bedroom adjacent to the one where his father was attacked. Jimmie testified that he had slept through the attack on his father and was awakened by his sister, May. Although Jimmie told the Grand Jury that he'd heard his parents quarreling, just hours before the murder, he recanted this testimony at the first trial. He was obviously nervous on the stand, and people questioned whether he was telling the truth, wondering if he had changed his testimony to protect his mother.

He worked for the steam railroad after the trials. Jimmie never married, and he lived for a time in a rooming house with his mother in downtown Indianola. He was plagued by drinking problems. He died on March 1, 1949, and is buried in Indianola next to his sister, Louie.

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